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Two Ethernet Ports Double Speed


Someone told me about some innovation in Windows 8 such as Superfetch, Prefetch, Ready Boost, etc - something that is supposedly utilizing the idle capacity of your RAM/ SSD to boost i might be wrong, but i think most managed switches support this. Reviewed by Duality92 General Specifications Packaging Like most cases, the Bitfenix Shogun features a black printed on cardboard box. Joined: Sep 6, 2009 Messages: 19,417 (7.06/day) Thanks Received: 6,874 Location: Chatsworth, GA System Specs System Name: The StarCrunch Defender! | X58 Cruncher!

You would simply have two 1GB connections, each with their own IP address. I'm strict about it so that comments can be valuable for everyone, including those who come later and take the time to read. In the new MS-DOS window, type: "ipconfig /all" (without the quotes). you have to team the nics *and* bundle the ports on the switch or it wont happen.       0 Tabasco OP Soule0913 May 14, 2010 at http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/284224-30-does-dual-ethernet-increase-speed

Two Ethernet Ports Double Speed

Every router chooses a “channel” to send and receive data. If your neighbors have a router that is set to the same channel, the two can interfere with each other, degrade the There are pros and cons to this: Pro: 1. Cat 5, Cat 5e and Cat 6 top out at 100Mbps, 1000Mbps, and 10,000Mbps respectively. First 10 years as a Technician, the rest as a programmer/software engineer.

I was afraid there would be one 2010 called; they want their high end PC back. (15 items) CPUMotherboardGraphicsRAMXeon E5645Asus Rampage II GeneeVGA GTX460 SSC3x4GB Corsair Dominator PC3-12800Hard I have a link for you clusterlinks Reply Mudasir Sangoo May 3, 2015 at 5:50 am I have tried iNetFusion and it did worked to expectations. Redundancy One common use for dual-WAN routers is to provide redundancy. Link Aggregation Windows 7 Can I show two sides of a card in one photo?

You can double your Lan throughput but you wont double your wan throughputClick to expand... I think the only possible benefit you will get is with a direct connection. –WalterJ89 Mar 27 '11 at 4:55 1 Usually in a home - office connection, the bottleneck But a wireless network isn’t always better for performance Wi-Fi vs Ethernet: Which Should You Use and Why? https://www.eightforums.com/network-sharing/64763-double-ethernet-faster-speed.html If you get 10mb/s 20 cables connect to one machine you will never get above wht comes into your house. Light Weight (HTPC) (13 items) Endless (14 items)

on "red alert" for hacking attacks Received a creepy text from 2003? How To Get Maximum Bandwidth In A Shared Network Then you can plug all the computers that run Ethernet into that switch and still have working wifi and Internet on all your computers. Maybe, maybe not A logical connection from a computer to a server can happen on only one physical connection. And it won't speed up your internet connectivity unless you have a fiber line to your residence that supports over 1000Mbps (most likely not).

How To Increase Local Area Network Speed

Someone could get a single 40Gbps link (yes, more than six times faster than SATA) up and running for under $200. you only have to make sure that you dont get the same lan ip on both the intefaces but this is mostly taken care of by the OS.but you can't control Two Ethernet Ports Double Speed If you're determined to go ahead with this, I found this five year old article which still seems relevant. How To Increase Lan Speed From 100mbps To 1gbps A properly configured dual WAN router could significantly improve bittorrent performance by spreading the load over both internet connections. (This is an update to an article originally published January 10, 2007.) Read more:

Advertisement Latest Giveaways Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Wi-Fi Light Strip Review & Giveaway Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Wi-Fi Light Strip Review & Giveaway Reolink Keen: 100% Wireless Security Cam Review & Giveaway Reolink Email addresses, phone numbers and such will be removed. In fact, some dual WAN routers can be configured to use only one of the two connections until there is a problem, and then "fail over" to begin using the other, backup connection Is the driver buggy? Does Nic Teaming Increase Speed

You can do this at the NIC's with Team NIC software or this can be setup at the switch(you have to configure the NIC's also)   All of my servers are So, until the fiber cables are laid and the services are in place, what can be done to improve connection speeds at home? You get faster download speeds by paying your ISP more money. My Asrock mother board came with cFos speed software this is use to limit the priorities network access.

Try Speakeasy Read Article Article Need to Test Your Internet Speed? Two Ethernet Ports On Motherboard Having a dual LAN MB can't really change that. We're talking about your DNS, or Domain Name System.

It runs for around $180 on newegg.com.

In Namebench, type in your current nameserver, then click the Start button. Either it won't work at all, or you won't get double the speed. With NetBalancer you can view and analyse the network traffic on a Windows computer. How To Use Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports You can find a switch like that through a search on NewEgg.com etc.

Advertisement Experiment with placing the router in different positions to ensure you don’t have any blackspots in your house. Off-topic comments will be removed. in Network & Sharing Friends on my Compaq DC7600 with a typical Broadcom ethernet controller, running Windows 8 Enterprise RTM 32-bit, the network performance is unreliable. Fast.com was created so that Netflix users could test their connection speeds for ideal video streaming, but it can be used for other reasons as well.

Head over to your router's administration page (usually something like and look for the section where you can specify DNS servers (it may be in the "advanced" section). by MasakakiKairi › SCYTHE D1225C12B7AP-29 GENTLE TYPHOON 120 MM FAN 3000RPM by MasakakiKairi › Delta FFB1212EHE-F00 Case Cooler by MasakakiKairi › addlink 120GB Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) - 2.5" 7mm... Anyone? So, you’d have one connected to your router, one for your PC, one for your games console, and so on.

Be secured, backup, and control your network. What does "side view" of solar system look like? PC1 <--> PC2 <--> I've never used ip tables so here is something I found as an example. [root]# ip route add xx.xxx.239.120 via xx.xxx.239.120 dev eth0 What's a "torrent"? BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing technology.