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Do People Like Windows 10


Journey White Paper Simplify Your Government Records Management System White Paper 7 Best Practices for SMB Virtualization White Paper Best Practices For Securing And Empowering A Mobile Workforce White Paper Demystifying Don't have any but all the known improvements are welcome. But this is about sales and the current "idea" isn't selling. 0 2 years ago Reply Eaglespro The current version isn't sell because no one is buying new machines. Once it's released, we'll be sure to install it on a range of devices here in the ExtremeTech bunker to give you our hands-on impressions and lots of cool screenshots. navigate here

Granted, you can just some the Desktop internet counterparts for some of them, but it's not really the same. Being told every year that a whole OS/PC UPGRADE is necessary is annoying. no thanks, I'd rather pay for the OS. You can change the number of groups that are visible by widening or narrowing the Start menu.

Do People Like Windows 10

Joao Ribeiro Well, you're best option is some x86 windows tablet for that. Willi Wonka Well I wont be writing an essay of all the many things that bug me about windows 8 but I can assure you it is much more than just Hi there I don't think you either READ or UNDERSTOOD my post. I always install a new OS on the day it is released and adapt to the changes.

It is one that embraces the promise of a laptop/tablet replacement. Hopefully 9 has some provison for that - 7 … ok and 8 is limited. Purple-Stater An OS company should give it's primary money-making product away in order to compete with hardware- and advertising-based companies? Windows 10 Terrible Continuum, which enables you to switch from touchscreen mode to mouse and back again, seems to be waiting for hardware improvements that will arrive with a new generation of devices.

http://dogsdespair.blogspot.com/ Anton Gully I like the live tiles, now I just need them on my desktop so I can have a fully personalised desktop with all my favourite apps and streaming I hate it. I find it funny that stopcryingyoulefties Also, why do you act like linux is a single OS? You made the point Kebero.

Windows 10 is much more usable than Wndows 8 or 8.1 and proudly offers a bundle of new features, including improved security, a new browser, and the voice-activated intelligent assistant Cortana. When A User Logs Into Windows, What Registry Key Is Created? Well, YES!!!! Every year is a lie 8 has been around since 2012 and i bet 9 won't be out until next year which is 3 years. I've covered the release of many versions of Windows during my time as a tech writer, and it often seems to me that Microsoft can be its own worst enemy at

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All thanks to the brilliant smart search the new start menu brings to the table. 0 2 years ago Reply neonspark while you may be more productive, windows 8 is considered http://bierce5.rssing.com/chan-3988877/all_p6.html this is not the "old start menu". 0 2 years ago Reply Mercule Not quite, but close enough. Do People Like Windows 10 Right now I spend most of my time developing on emacs and use the CLI right inside of it, I can have my machine on for days and days on without Class Action Lawsuit Against Microsoft Even in Windows 8.0, I was never bothered by it booted to Start Screen by default.

I'm running Ubuntu 120.4 LTS (without a GUI) on my home file server, and am dual-boot into Kubuntu 12.04 LTS (prefer KDE over Gnome or Unity) on my laptop. http://allwebsitescripts.com/windows-10/windows-store-apps-troubleshooter-for-windows-10.html She probably took wrong lesson from them. Take it for a spin. jimv1983 Also, bring back Aero. How Do I Get Rid Of Windows 10

jimv1983 So what is new? W8 is slightly better than Win7 in almost any way; It starts faster, feels smoother, looks slightly better (in classic mode) and meets my needs. Some people consider lack of hierarchy in the Start a weakness but exactly that makes the modern start menu superior to the classic one as the latter has a launch time his comment is here True, I work more in the desktop than the new UI,.

Makes XP look like something from the 1990s. Windows 10 Forced Upgrade Lawsuit In the last few months, there has been rumblings from Redmond that the Windows 10 experience might be formally split in two: A Metro-only experience for touchscreen/tablet users, and a Desktop-only experience Windows 8 itself, the name has as bad a reputation as vista.

Visual Studio and MSDN subscriptions need not be - cannot be - revenue-producing vehicles, but readily available resources by which "developers, developers, developers" can once again prime the pump.

It sucks and now everyone is doing it and not just OS creators but social networks and other companies. I suspect people new to PCs actually grasp Windows 8 concepts better than older versions of the OS (clicking Start to shut down was an obvious metaphoric breakdown). Of course anyone could eventually figure out how to work it, but it just confused the hell out of so many people. Xp Forever In an interview with The Verge last week, Tami Reller, Windows division CFO, admitted Microsoft was aware of the outcry for a Start button. "We have heard that, we definitely have

The people that were there when Windows 8 came out are not the same people that are there now. Right now you just have one desktop per monitor -- but with virtual desktops, you can switch between as many desktops as you like. Thanks in anticipation. ;) 0 0 09/08/12--20:17: So, how is Windows 8 at the moment compared to Windows 7? weblink However, Microsoft then started pre-emptively downloading the Windows 10 installer to those who had opted to reserve a copy, taking up gigabytes of space.

No more hunting through a menu to get to my most used programs. The problem here is that people have their own ideas of how metro works for them and it should work just as easily for everybody else. I hated it then and I still do. Tracy Fortune, WA, AU Gary Munn Good information, but didn't notice a likely release date.

Besides, if you absolutely must learn something new, why not try Mac OS or Linux? Got so use to typing to find stuff/apps/ web searches that it has taken me longer to find stuff. 0 2 years ago Reply daknarr Agreed! Craig Buckler To be fair, we won't know until the final release. We’ve seen demos of Cortana sending messages and descriptions of Cortana firing off short emails.

Better than some robot wanna-be with his whole life poured into a digital device! Cheers jimbo Very well put.